To Whom it May Concern

My partner and I have been buying and selling real estate both in Alberta and BC for the past 11 years; the last four years have been here in Vernon, BC. We were fortunate enough to connect with a realtor with Century 21 Executive Realty in Vernon, [by MY CHOICE, I might add], in June of 2014 and have worked with her on several deals [both purchases and sales] and have established what we feel is the best client/realtor relationship we have EVER had! We trust her advice, her guidance and her opinions and have had exceptional service from her. I would not even think of engaging any other realtor….,.and why?? Because choosing a realtor to guide us through the largest transaction of our lives in purchasing a home and the emotional ups and downs of selling a property has always been OUR CHOICE and that should NEVER CHANGE! It is our money, our decision and who we feel most comfortable working with is OUR DECISION AND NO ONE ELSES!!! How dare this Superintendent take it upon himself to determine IF and WHEN OUR REALTOR can or cannot work with us!! This is NOT HIS CHOICE… is OUR CHOICE and NO ONE IS GOING TO TELL US that we must now find a new realtor because some government bureaucrat has decided HE KNOWS WHAT IS BEST FOR US!!! We are mature adults and can make our own decisions and live with the consequences of OUR CHOICES…….it is our RIGHT TO CHOOSE and we are prepared to fight this any way we have to. We have one property about to be listed by our realtor in the next ten days and another one within another 4-6 weeks and we will work with no one other than our current realtor….because it is OUR CHOICE and NO ONE SHOULD EVER BE ALLOWED TO REMOVE THAT CHOICE FROM US IN THE “INTEREST” OF the consumer……we are quite capable of making our own decisions and as adults we know fully well we take full responsibility for OUR CHOICES and accept the CONSEQUENCES OF OUR CHOICES!!!
Most recently we sold a property where our realtor represented us as the seller, and brought an offer from a buyer of hers as well. We were involved in a multiple offer scenario, and it was handled and arranged by OUR realtor in the most professional and ethical manner…..we were well informed and we made a choice to work with a realtor from her office while she represented her buyer…..again, let me be CLEAR…..IT WAS OUR CHOICE TO DO THIS.

I am writing this on behalf of my Mother, Kathleen Picton who is a client of our realtor, and my partner and myself, also clients of the same realtor. Please feel free to share our comments and absolutely send them to this Superintendent who somehow has decided after an opinion poll of a total of 131 responses from the ENTIRE PROVINCE!!!!…. he has chosen to surmise that this MEAGRE and TOTALLY UNREPRESENTATIVE RESULT is what the MAJORITY of real estate consumers in British Columbia want! REALLY???? How utterly ABSURD AND AUTOCRATIC!

Renita F. Picton
Bernard J. Barabash
Kathleen Picton